1 Timothy 1:15-17.  Take two (because ... Old Calendar and New Calendar).  Another call to bring back the saying; "glory to God."

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Today Fr. Anthony discusses the Moscow Patriarchate's establishment of an African Exarchate in the territory of the ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria with canonist, Fr. Harry Linsinbigler.  They talk about how this differs from other parallel jurisdictions (e.g. in America) and the degree to which this will make it more difficult to effect Orthodox reconciliation.  
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In tonight's livestream class, Fr. Anthony frames theology as communal and heresy as a breakdown of community.  He uses the example of the corrections that take place among musicians to help make the point.  Enjoy the show!
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1 Timothy 1:15-17.  After providing his testimony, St. Paul immediately breaks into a prayer of exultation.  We would do well to imitate that habit and bring back the saying; "glory to God."

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Ephesians 4:7-13; Matthew 4:12-17.  Sunday after Theophany.  Our minds stand between us and living as God's royal priesthood and holy kingdom.  We have to repent and rebuild our minds in Christ.  Enjoy the Show!

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This "New Year" stream of consciousness celebrates Georgia's victory over Michigan and then talks about how our prior conceptions interfere with objectivity, the relative value of mercy and forgiveness over judgment, and the need to stay away from righteous anger.  My thanks to Max, Dn. Adrian, and Rdr. Seraphim for their questions and comments during the livestream.  Enjoy the show!

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