Matthew 14:14-22 (Feeding the Five Thousand).  After sharing a life-skill for living in community (ie leading with patience), Fr. Anthony shares some of the levels of meaning the Church provides when it preaches/teaches on the feeding of the five thousand.  He finishes with St. John Chrysostom's point about bringing what you have so the Lord can bless it, multiply it, and use to His glory and the feeding of His people.  Enjoy the show!

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Romans 15:1-7.  St. Paul didn't want Christians to let their pieties around food keep them from connecting with and evangelizing their neighbors.  We might not do this with food, but we are certainly tempted to do it with our national and ecclesial politics, among other things.  Today Fr. Anthony encourages us to meet people where they are, connect with them, and guide them to Christ.  Enjoy the show!

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Today was the celebration of the Fourth Ecumenical Council, the Council that followed just twenty years after the Ecumenical Council at Ephesus; both councils clarified the proper way to understand and describe Jesus Christ being fully God and fully man.  In his remarks (not a classic homily), Fr. Anthony described the critical role humility plays in theological discernment and love.  Enjoy the show!

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Romans 10:1-10; Matthew 8:28-9:1.  Today Fr. Anthony continues last week's theme of reclaiming the ungoverned places using the events at Gardenes as a case study of how societies - and our minds - often react (unfortunately, last week's was not recorded - Fr. Anthony plans on doing an extended version for both YouTube and this podcast).  Enjoy the show!

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