20080831  Do you want to be healed of your spiritual infirmity?  If you want to be freed from your sins, then you must forgive others. If you refuse to forgive, then you cut yourself off from your brother and, in your lack of love and compassion, you cut yourself off from God and everything good.

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20080824  Whom do you trust to guide your decisions? St. Paul or Madison Avenue?  I can certainly tell you which one is most influencing the hearts and minds of this community, our neighbors, our families, and our friends! If you want to see where someone’s heart is, look to how they spend their time and how they spend their money.

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20080817  The main lesson from today’s Gospel [at least for today] is NOT that Christ walked on water – although through this, He demonstrated once again His power over nature – but rather His interaction with Peter and the disciples. For it is not surprising that God can do amazing things – anyone with eyes to see must be struck by His Power and Glory – but that God cares for us as His own children.

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20080810  During these campaign seasons, it is easy to get wrapped up in what the government can or cannot do for us and those whom we love, but we cannot forget the more fundamental truth that the fight to vanquish what really ails the world is not against oppression, or war, or even hunger, but the sin that gives rise to them.

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20080803 Today St. Paul is “preaching to the choir”. Have you heard this term? During these Summer months, this term is especially appropriate – so many people are traveling that there have been Sundays when we literally have more folks in the choir loft than down here in the pews. St. Paul knows his audience and their great faith – so he shares a lesson with them that will challenge them where they are; a challenge that is equally appropriate to us here today.

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