Matthew 19:16-26.  The reading on the rich young man, the camel, and the needle.  After wrapping up his series on community virtues (let all be done in love), Fr. Anthony draws on St. Nikolai Velimirovic, to distinguish between eternal life (salvation) and perfection (theosis).  [Note - the point Fr. Anthony was making about not becoming uncreated was that we always remain creatures, even though we be perfected by God's uncreated energies).  Enjoy the show!

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Today it is my blessing to share an interview with Fr. Eugen Rosu.  Fr. Eugen has been a priest for 31 years, married for 32 years, and enjoying fatherhood for 11 years.  He recently published the book "Church Ministries on a Shoestring Budget" to share his experience and encourage evangelism. The book offers information on establishing ministries that engage the parish and stir community interest. His Grace Bishop John Abdalah writes the book's introduction, and the book has received significant praise from very well-known Orthodox clergy.  I really enjoyed our conversation and I know you will to!

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Matthew 18:23-35.  The parable on forgiveness (the wicked servant).  God desires us to be one as He is one.  This is good and beautiful (!), but it isn't easy because we (unlike God) we are not holy!  This means that we need to learn to forgive.  After assuring us that God requires forgiveness but NOT codependence or enabling, Fr. Anthony describes the three levels of forgiveness and how they allow us to grow in harmony and holiness (while protecting us from vampiric wolves).  Enjoy the show!

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In this homily on the healing/exorcism of the lunatic (St. Matthew 17:14-23), after talking about the life skill of monitoring the response to and use of compliments and criticism, Fr. Anthony continues his metaphor of the mind as terrain that has considerable ungoverned territory.  The prayer and fasting that Christ says is required for advanced exorcism help to increase faith by developing the believer's capacity for (neptic) graceful single-mindedness.  This allows the believer to ignore the orcs spewing out of the Mordor of his mind until such time as he has the faith to level Mount Doom (or move it into the sea).  Enjoy the show!

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Matthew 17:1-9.  Fr. Anthony shares St. Leo's wisdom in drawing our attention to the way Transfiguration prepares us for the persecution of both Christ and His Church.  Oh, and Fr. Anthony tried out a new Bluetooth mic.  Enjoy the show!

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